Wednesday, September 7

Anjali Venkat's "Kabadiwali" travels to Bangalore

I am not yet back to full-fledged blogging,but wanted to do this post as soon as possible, hence the appearance.

Art made from Recycled materials has always fascinated me. I did a post on one of Anjali's pieces almost a year back( you can read the post here,if you haven't read it before). Anjali Venkat is a glass artist and works out of her studio in Chennai.She is exhibiting her up-cycled works of Art in Bangalore later this month and has collaborated with Shetal Parrek,an artist for this collection.

Where is the Exhibition happening..(The formal invite's resolution is not ok,hence not posting it)

Chitra Kala Parishath, Gallery no 4

On the 24th, 25th and 26th of Sept 2011
10.30 am to 7.30 pm

For any more information , you can contact Anjali at 044 45511170 or 9840076492 and email her on

Over to her now..
In keeping with my quest to reuse and recycle I have come up with the ‘Kabadiwali’ range of functional art. For this range I have upcycled the humble glass bottle. Used and discarded glass bottles, of all types, form and colour have been collected and sorted.

Another aspect of my work is working with reclaimed wood and old magazine and calendar papers. For this, leftover pieces of wood are made into trays, table tops etc. Then,I use humble materials like magazine and calendar papers to form collages on the wood. Details are added with mirror and fused glass elements. These quirky pieces of functional art are in the form of trays, table tops, tissue boxes, platters, planters, bookends etc.Each piece has been hand-crafted and is therefore unique in its design and execution.
Here's a sneak peek into the collection.. Go ahead, drool !:-)
Aren't these Bottle Diyas fabulous?


Another cute Planter..

Soap Dish..

A dish Made from Corona Bottles!

Wind Chime ..

Want to see more of her work ?.Hop over to Do visit her exhibition if you are in Bangalore.


Asha said...

Woooooooooonderfullllll!, very very unique, what's more it is recycled pieces of art. i will informn my cousin in bangalore who herself is a student of chitrakala parishad!

Anonymous said...

wow! drool-worthy, cool stuff!

A said...

Cool. Best to recycle as much as possible but making an art of recycled material is awesome

Bhargavi said...

Asha.. Glad you like Anjali's work. nice, that your cousin is a Chitrakala Parishad student..

Life..I know... drool!

A..yeah,so that we can manage to salvage whatever is left of our environment..

Bikramjit said...

wondeful idea and the pictures of items are so beautiful...

In chandigarh where i am from there is a full fledged rock garden made out of rubish that we trhough out ..

and Recycling is always a good habit as is shown here what all one can do with things that we will throw otherwise ..
lovey thanks for introducing , If i was in bangalore i would surly visit..


Violet said...

wow, that's such beautiful and unique stuff. I wish I were in Bangalore right now.

Casey Freeland said...

Well, hello there!

So, the Corona bottles are my favorite, of course. Big surprise, I know. I love the term "up-cycling". And it's an apt description. Really amazing work.



Bhargavi said...

Bikram.. i've heard of the rock garden too.. must be a delight !

Violet..Pretty stuff, right ?

Casey.. lol ! they sure are show stealers

Veens said...

Wow! Now I wish I were in B'lore :)