Tuesday, October 18

Peeping in to say Hi ..

Most of my posts have become such "peeping in for a hi" for a long time now, which  is such a shame .I Just haven't had the energy to blog /bloghop much .With a lot on  the cards, I really don't know if this blog (or my bookblog , for that matter) will see much action in sometime to come . Hubby and I are expecting our little bundle of joy sometime early next year , and though I have just reached the halfway milestone in my pregnancy, we can already see the difference in our priorities, not to mention the shift in my centre of gravity ;-) Suddenly ,  the incessant throwing up and nausea and all the zillion things that've been tormenting me for the last few months don't seem to matter. That might be partly because of the fact that I can safely look at  select foods and not feel revolted/ horrified at the thought of ingesting them.

Also, soon we will be shifting to our new home after spending more than three years in our current "house" and though I have cribbed non-stop (much to the irritation/ amusement of the better half) about the "house", I do feel slightly nostalgic about the good times we've had here. Some of my most frustrating years were  spent here and in a way  most of my lessons in patience were learnt in this house.Though I can't say that I've completely wizened up, I am so much more tolerant of the vagaries of life ; so much more at peace with the decisions I've taken,however faulty they might seem now. Now that we will be leaving ,  frankly the only images that are appearing in my mind are the happy ones. Everything else seems like a mere mirage of reality; some kind of a hazy dream. A few more developments have happened  on the work front , but it seems like its too soon to let all the cats out of the bag in one post .Will post about it when something more concrete comes up.

Anyway, like a really wise person said  once( Character from the sitcom Friends, maybe?) - "It   feels like the end of an era ".It really does and I am just thankful that this blog will remain the same (haunted as usual) no matter what changes in my life.What's brewing in your lives?


Vibha said...

Congratulations to you on a lot of new changes that are about to happen.Best wishes :)

Suko said...

What wonderful news! All the best to you!

Your new blog design is lovely.

Asha said...

Am very happy for you! take good care and enjoy every moment of it. try to blog whenever possible, for these little moments become beautiful memories with time like your present home.

would love to read more of your posts but certainly your health is utmost priority. just peep in to say hi like you said now.

Bikramjit said...

change is good.. All the best in the move to the new place..

and HI back to you ..


Bhargavi said...

Vibha, Suko, Bikram .. Thanks !

Asha.. That's such a sweet comment! I am hoping I'll get better soon and get back to all your lovely posts. I had grand plans of documenting the whole journey in a scrapbook, but guess the morning sickness got the better of me ;-)

Madhu said...

That's such a wonderful news! CONGRATULATIONS!

My hubby and I are also expecting our first one this Dec13. Ask away if you have any doubts! LOL!

Take care of your health and congrats to both of you again.

arundati said...

congratulations bhargavi. and best of luck with all the things happening! am glad you liked the panna cotta, raspberries are available frozen in hypercity and spar... also feel free to substitute with thinned down jam of choice

Bhargavi said...

Madhu .. I remember seeing the announcement on your blog..Congrats to you too !! Dec 13 is just a sneeze away ! Babycentre has been a lifeline till now.. Will definitely buzz you if i need any info.Thanks !

Arundati.. Thanks! Never actually been to Hypercity ,actually.Will check it out.. Raspberries are my fav and I've been using diluted jams/ concentrates till now .. Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Such wonderful news! Do peep in whenever you can :)

Jyoti said...

Many Congratulations! And I hope all these changes are going to bring a lot of happiness to you! God Bless

Bhargavi said...

Words.. Thanks.. already started peeping in much more frequently

Jyoti.. Thanks for the lovely wishes.