Wednesday, November 2

Anna Centenary library to move..

My blood boiled when I read this. Yeah, The Anna Centenary Library(ACL) in Chennai, which is one of the best libraries in the country is being shifted to another site because the current local Government wants to convert the place into a  hospital. Though I am thrilled that the Government is trying to improve health-care in the city, I really can't fathom why the library has to move, when so much effort has already been put into making it perfect .I don't care whether this library is near the other two libraries mentioned in the news report. Connemara, the other large library in the city is a colossal apology to the the word library. The books are badly maintained ,with half of them sitting on the shelves with torn pages. I am not even going to talk about the seating facilities and the collection of books they have.

First , it  was the Secretariat's turn to get in the line of fire and get converted to a hospital , now this..

I've visited ACL a few times and loved it to bits..It's by far the best libraries I've ever had the privilege of visiting. Totally state of the art ,the book collection here is amazing. Every single important book that you can think of is there .. and everything is brand new ! It truly is a book-lover's paradise.Of course, the new library(wherever ACL  gets relocated) will have all the books too , but God alone knows when it will be operational .

Wonder how many more initiatives will get shelved/ changed and how much more of the tax-payer money will go down the drain in such unnecessary shuttling that is just aimed at satisfying political agendas.


Bikramjit said...

the so called policy makers dont think with there mind sometimes it looks like ..

they love to waste tax payers money same is the case here in uk also these days ..


Suko said...

It's hard to lose a library, especially one you describe as a paradise for book lovers. That is really too bad.

Vidya said...

why are such decisions in the jurisdiction of the ruling party?! there are a thousand other things that need upliftment!

Asha said...

Yes,I saw the beautiful lib in kalaignar news today. The move and conversion is totally unfair. If they really cared for health, then why don't they provide free health care for the below poverty line and senior citizens like in Developed countries. So mnay health care developments can take place on that score, instead of moving the secretariat, closing uzhavar santhai's etc.,

All political game.

between these two people, it's we the general public who are the sufferers.

Bhavna S said...

it sux that it has to be moved i mean COME oON we dunni to run the hospitals we ALREADY have!!!

Bhavna S said...

It sux that we have to lose this library!! especially since we dunno how to maintain the ones we already have!! :/ i hate this! even the secretariat was OK but THIS!!

Bhargavi said...

Bikram.. So true ! Wonder why they are called policy makers in the firt place ,when all they want is more votes..UK too, huh? appalling !

Suko.. It is indeed a sad decision..

Vidya..I wonder that too..the nature of any Govt is such that the decisions they take will be populist. You bet, there is so much in need of addressing- like bad roads

Bhargavi said...

Asha..Did you notice that the rival news station just had a token coverage on the issue.. TN has become such a hotbed for petty politics..even the Uzhalavar sandhai closing is horrible ! Wonder when things will get ok here ..Also why couldnt they build a new place, rather than attacking something good someone has done..

Bhavana.. It does suck.. The reason i mind abt the Secretariat is that it was nothing but a political move and highly vindictive one at that.. otherwise i am all for more hospitals .. we need more hospitals, but not at the cost of everything else !