Saturday, November 19

Ramsay brothers, you did this to me..

" Erica Marshall of "

 When I was growing up, the Zee horror show was the ultimate in spooky entertainment. I waited every week (Friday nights, I think) with bated breath for badly costumed bhooths and anemic chudails with tomato sauce dripping from their chins (blood, blood!) to give me sleepless nights. Every episode had the same clippings and sound effects of thunder, cats mewing, evil laugh echoing and other clich√© horror elements woven into a new story.  It scared me senseless, nevertheless. Thanks to the contributions of the Ramsay brothers (who made crappy amateur Hindi horror movies and serials), I have become a scaredy cat for life. 

Don’t you guys think that mirrors are spooky? I do! I do! Someone once told me that if one chanted “Bloody Mary” three times staring into a mirror without electricity/lights, one would be haunted for life. Well, ever since I’ve heard of this one, I can’t get into a bathroom “alone” without the words “Bloody Mary” flashing in my brain. I tell my monkey brain to stop saying those words, but it refuses to oblige. I always make a hasty retreat before I say the third Bloody Mary, so I still haven’t come face to face with a spirit yet.  

People fantasize about all kinds of things... My ultimate fantasy is to meet a spirit through an Oujja board.  Every time a cousin and I meet, we talk about getting a board and getting pally with some spirit, but again I don’t have the guts to really do it. I am all talk only.  

To top all this, the chap has devised several methods to terrorize me. Whenever he wants to pick on me , he’ll take me on a “Haunted houses tour”. Every single stop on this tour has some obscenely ghastly story associated with it. I really don’t know how he’s become a connoisseur of local haunted house stories, but he does a damn neat tour. Every time, he’ll make “Ooooohhh Ooooohhh” sounds when he tells me the story of the house (for the 100th time) , and every time I still pee in my pants. If you are in Chennai, give us a buzz, we’ll gladly sign you up for a free Haunted houses tour. 

I totally hate it when someone raps on the window and makes ghost-like noises at night - which is what the chap did a few months back. I was blissfully dozing off (after seeing some Final Destination type movie)and suddenly I hear a noise. 

 Knock Kock.Oooohhh..B?

Now , I don’t know which ghost calls out to their victims like that , but I freaked out and screamed. 

I wake my mom up and tell her that there was “Something…some creature” outside. She in turn wakes up the dad and tells him that there was “Some robber outside”. Armed with a stick, the dad opens the door to find a sheepishly grinning hubby. “I just wanted to say Hi,” he says. Abba, what man I got married to? Oh!did I mention that it was 1:00AM, when ghosts normally prowl the streets?

Have you noticed how scary it is to pretend to sleep when there are ghost-shaped clothes hanging all around you? Torture ! I hate long flowing apparel especially- they create the scariest shadows. You believe in ghosts? No? No? Seriously? Think again?

Anyway..what are your favorite horror/ spooky flicks? Mine are : The Omen(original), Nightmare on Elm street, a vague movie called "The ghost house", The Evil dead , Final Destination (all four parts) ,The Ring... Gosh,I have a whole load of favorites! You have any recommendations?

Wait a sec... Someone’s tapping me on my shoulder. Ooooohhhh…


lifeunderthesky said...

you spooky creature! i've been leading the world believe that i am.. err.. well.. fearless.. and now you have to remind me about the effects of long apparels hanging at random places in the house make?!! evil! One wee willy winky only you are!!

Sampige said...

Oh Oh Oh! We tried ouija board in school and I think we even called the spirit down and when one girl said she is talking to said spirit we all wet our pants and ran :D. Pliss to not tell my boys or they will ALL laugh at me :(.

I just PAID money to go through Haunted House tour at our university and shrieked and screamed at EVERY single turn. My son has decided that escorting his mother comes at a very high cost: total deafness. He has FORBIDDEN me from going to the Frightmare Before Christmas. But I think I will bribe him with masaldosey and drag him and screech into his ear. Not my fault he is taller than I am.


Bhargavi said...

life.. make that white, filmy apparel !ooooooh... fearless now? :-)

sampige..oh God , what a riot! Anyone whos's tried the oujja board is a rockstar .. You are one !!! lol at you son's ultimatum.. but the fun of going to these horror tours is seeing other people scream.. and scream yourself .. just like it is on a roller coaster..

Spaceman Spiff said...

I'm not brave enough to watch horror movies. I know I won't sleep for the next ten days.

Hey, remember 'Aahtt' that used to come on Sony TV? That used to be hilarious! :D

blogsIread said...
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Bhargavi said...

spiff.. Of course, I remember Aahat !! good old days.. i think it is still on .. but in a different avatar.

Uma said...

aah..spoof serials and horror movies..I hated going into dark rooms..and tell me abt the people shaped clothes or even wall-hangings..oooooooooooo

Bhargavi said...

Uma.. glad to know that there's one more person who gets spooked at people-shaped clothes.