Monday, December 19

Customer delight?

Ever been surprised by a gesture of any service staff? I can probably count the instances I've felt the milk of human goodness and professionalism flowing around. This cute handwritten "note"scrawled on the backside of my bill by an employee at Pizza Hut had me grinning from ear to ear.

Yeah, I am a sucker for such things and promptly proceeded to tip him more than I normally do. I wonder if this practice is followed by all Pizza hut employees , and if they do I really don't know how I've never noticed it before. Customer delight is a luxury these days ,what with rude service staff littered all over the place. I did read about an instance of a customer being delighted by a Marks&Spencer employee. This guy in the UK bought something at  a M&S and was not given the proper change by the cashier. He wrote out  a complaint and dropped it into the complaint box ; he  had written that he  would be  sufficiently compensated(of the few cents/ dollars that he wasn't given)  only if someone would draw and send him a dinosaur (one of those join the dots and complete the picture types).Crazy request , no? The guy promptly forgot about it and never expected any replies to his insane request. 

A few months later, he gets a discount coupon and a picture of a dotted dinosaur from M&S customer service and is stunned. Who wouldn't be? Well , all's not bad with the world yet and such people help the spirit of customer service(even delight) thrive on. 

You've ever been "delighted" by any company ?

Edited: The company is not Mac Donald's but Marks and Spencer .Thanks, Andy. 


Violet said...

That is cute and at a place like pizza hut which is super busy.

I've never gad a good experience,not really. Except for one time when we ordered some food as room service. The guy forgot to get empty pates. I called and asked them to send plates and he sent 2 mocktales with that as an apology as well. But that was a 5 star hotel, so I don't think that counts.

I find the dinosaur thing particulary cool.

Jyoti said...

Thats interesting! Will check the back of my bills next time..:P..

It happened to me once.. I had ordered a birthday cake for my DH's birthday with instruction to write a message on it and the bakery had written wrong name over the cake! I was fuming when I saw that.. That poor girl somehow rectified it and gave me four free pastry and a discount on my cake.. Still I was not delighted about it..:-(

Anonymous said...

Hi There! Greetings from the UK! That's a nice example - simple, but impactive!

Just to let you know, for those who are interested, the Delight By Dinosaur was by a Marks & Spencer employee!

Here's the story...

Would love to hear others' examples!

Bhargavi said...

Violet.. wow.. thats a sweet gesture too! Mocktails for empty plates...I must try this sometime.One does expect a certain level of customer delight from five star hotels. Pizza hut- not so much.Which is what makes it awesome!

Jyoti.. I might not be pleased with the situation too despite the fact that she gave free pastries.. you bake great cakes -- why order?

Andy..Thank you.Have changed the name of the company now.

Bikramjit said...

Yes some companies are bery good in customer services , I have a example of emirates , 5 of us went ot india on way back , there were some fog problems and the flights got veyr delayed .. Duabai airport was in chaos and no one knew what was going on , we ended up spending a night at the hotel to take the flight next day ..

I wrote a email to them saying they shud have handled the situation or at least had someone there to inform the people especially the old and small kids ..

6 months later I got 5 tickets to anywhere in india from UK, open for a whole year .. :)

SO yeah I WAS HAPPY :) and since then i try to fly emirates always


Disha said...

Am sure he has a crush on you:)Really cute!! Well there used to be this bakery near my house and everyday after 8pm their pastries were 50%off.Me & my cousin used to land there bang at 8:01pm (we will do anything for good cheap cakes!!).This became a routine and one day when we couldn't go they delivered them2 our house!! Case of customer loyalty too in this case, but this one gesture by the bakery made us visit them b4 8pm too

Bhargavi said...

Bikram..Wow! That's an awesome deal..Emirates have always been known for their customer-friendly policies. And supposedly the best airline to travel with. Enjoy your ticket..

Disha.. lol.Crush on aunties?I doubt !!50% off on pastries.. now which bakery is it .. I am heading right out ;-).. Actually super nice of them do do something like this.

Jane Doe said...

Yeah.. we too had a similar experience at pizza hut. was very delighted. we took turns and rang the bell while leaving for which all the staff shouted Thank you :) Pizza hut at Indira Nagar 100 feet road

Bhargavi said...

Jane..I love ringing the bell and her them scream "thank you".I think its a super idea. They do have some really nice employee motivation ideas too..

Smita said...

I remember my experience in Pizza Hut when suddenly these guys had started dancing on a song to entertain us :)

Besides that I have good experience at CCD once a guy scrawled Happy Diwali on the Cappuccino we had ordered!

Bhargavi said...

Smita.. I think you blogged about the CCD experience.. That was a sweet thing to do !