Saturday, December 10

Double century and a lot of rambling...

After three plus years of blogging , I've finally hit the 200th post ! Yayyyy! So much has happened to me  during these 200 posts , that I can't even put these changes into words. For most part, this blog has chronicled my journey.It has metamorphosed from a larvae into a butterfly (ok, apologies for the sad analogy ). I am just happy that I am still blogging after three years.

I am officially under a house arrest (!!) for the next 4-5 hours because of a lunar eclipse  and  am looking forward to catching up with all your blogs. There is little scientific evidence suggesting that lunar eclipses are harmful for pregnant women and the unborn baby, but  for once I am ok with toeing the line and keeping my  mouth shut (just to keep the elders happy). My mom has been light-proofing my room and bathroom for the last half hour so that no stray beams manage to get in . Umm, well ... 

Tomorrow we are officially shifting and while I am glad that we will be moving into a new space, I am also a little sad that we will be moving out of this one. I found myself a little overwhelmed when I locked up yesterday and am sure I'll bawl my eyes out after the movers are done with their jig tomorrow. Anyway , to cheer myself up , I got myself some goodies....*winks*.

I am a huge shopaholic , but haven't really indulged in any impulse shopping for myself in a while. Today, I visited the exhibition I mentioned a few days back on the blog, but because I didn't carry my camera ,I couldn't click pics and show them to you. It was ok-ok and had the usual suspects-jewellery, clothes, linen and assorted girly stuff. I was super excited about picking up some stuff from Matsya , as I've been drooling at their goodies posted on other blogs for a long time now, but didn't pick anything up from their stall because I wasn't keen on anything they were carrying. I picked up a finger ring and a  fridge magnet from  the other stalls.

I love finger rings (chunkier the better). Other jewelery I wear is extremely understated and miniature -sized compared to my finger rings. My other obsession(accessories-wise) is for bags.I 've inherited this trait from my mom and aunt who are obsessive bag buyers.Strange how such traits can passed down from one generation to another..I've also inherited an unhealthy obsession for lotions , creams and anything that smells nice and fruity from my mom. My mom is a mind-bogglingly  resourceful and a street-smart person. She is super active and you 'll never catch her resting for even a single minute.Wish I had inherited those useful genes instead of these obsessive shopping genes that she has so generously passed on  to me ;-). Did I mention that I love buying incense sticks too? I have tried almost all the fragrances from Auroville and Maroma. My favourite is the blueberry cheesecake fragrance stick from Maroma.Yummy!

Anyway, I've rambled enough. Without further ado, let me show you the beauties I bought.You'll have to excuse my un-manicured hands (I am trying to stay away from any chemicals as much as possible).

The butterfly ring...
La..La..La....A close-up

Pretty, no? I also bought a fridge magnet,which I thought is uber cute.It's from a company called Chennaigaga that makes Chennai souvenirs. A friend of mine is a huge fridge magnet collector and has about 70-odd magnets on her fridge.It is truly a sight to behold. Somehow,I picked up the habit of collecting magnets from her and have been collecting quirky/funky magnets for the last one year. I am nowhere near the 70- mark , but am sure someday will have a super collection that I'll be proud of...

The magnet.. You likey? Cute, no?

Do you obsessively collect anything?Are you a Becky Bloomwood like me or you detest shopping like the chap?

Have a super weekend!


A said...

Lunar eclipse and staying home...Well what can I say. It gives you a chance to stay home and shop using internet.

Anonymous said...

Nice ring there!
I collect magnets too...mainly of places we have been to.I often have to rush to the airport shop to grab an overpriced one before we leave the place!

PeeVee™ said...

I never understood the eclipse taboo to even consider believing in it but still agree to stay indoors because Grandma throws a fit if I don't:P

I have a major crush on finger rings too but I like the delicate thin band types with single stones and stuff better..

It's been so long since I went to an exhibition! I miss picking out the random knick knacks that you get there and the yummy pickles by the kilo too!

OCD for cloud pictures, and I prefer taking them myself too:) I have about a 100 original ones now:)

Bhargavi said...

A.. ha ha.. nice perspective !

pop..I had to say "same pinch". I am such a sucker for magnet shopping at airports :-) Welcome here ! grandmas are programmed to throw a fit at such things, i think ;-)oh, wow another ring person..Pickles by the kilo? which exhibition is this ? I want to go right now ! and cloud pics are such an unique thing to collect.. first time I've heard of that .. Are these framed and hung in your home or you just like collecting them? Seriously,such a funky thing to collect !

Bikramjit said...

and here I tried to look for the moon to see the eclips , I cant understand the Tabooos sometimes ...

all the best in the move ..
and the butterfly ring looks nice :)

so what else did u do in those 4 -5 hours other then blogs :)


Spaceman Spiff said...

Since I wasn't at home this time, there was no cautioning regarding the eclipse. So I happily gazed at the moon (I love the moon. I unfailingly lo0k out for it everyday).
I have a major obsession for HUGE handbags. The bigger the better. The bigger, the worse my spontilitis too. :/
And I have a major weakness for lotions too. High-faive! I love trying out new ones all the time, same with shampoos and shower gels. Also, I have a foot-cream obsession. Because I have super-sensitive feet. One day without foot-cream, and it'll start cracking.
That magnet is so cute! :)

Smita said...

Congrats for completing 200 posts :)

So how did the shifting go??

U know even I took similar precautions during eclipse while I was pregnant, I to enjoyed the break from work ;)

U know me, I am Becky :D

Ring looks nice :)

Smita said...

Congrats for completing 200 posts :)

So how did the shifting go??

U know even I took similar precautions during eclipse while I was pregnant, I to enjoyed the break from work ;)

U know me, I am Becky :D

Ring looks nice :)

Sampige said...

When pregnant, better to listen to paatis and ammas. Safer that way. And you get brownie points for being an obedient child ;). Not a jewelry person, so will admire your HUGE ring but not actually buy it. The magnet craze was huge at one point, now I just go and enjoy and eat in various places and click pictures. I always have one Patel picture as my son very politically-incorrectly states. All of us position ourselves in front of Niagara Falls/point of interest and ask a total stranger to make us all look good ;). Heh heh heh. Everything in life is exciting. Go with that philosophy and you will have a great time. Go shopping for curtains. Bangalore/Mysore exhibitions always have tons of oorgais. Love them. My mother rolls her eyes and forbids me from trying them. BUT, get this, she will have NO problem having the molaga bajji washed down with sugar-cane juice. I think it is unfair. But so far no-go with amma to change her mind and let me buy some exotic oorgais.

Party on. Eat well and take care of yourself.


Bhargavi said...

Bikram.. bluemoon??!! Thanks .. I ended up reading a book after a long long time..

Spiff.. ha ha .. lucky you!! Are you my twin that got lost in kumbh mela? Hi-faaaivvve! I carry only huge bags and totes.. bigger the better :-) .. and dont even get me started on lotions .. I have a foot lotion fetish too..ditto about foot cracking if i don't use lotion one day ..I did go through a buy new shampoo every month phase , but too much experimentation put a stop to it.. shower gel obsession is still manageable :-)

Bhargavi said...

Smita.. Thanks dear. Went the off well. G managed the show mostly and I was just waving people hoity-toityly saying "this goes in that room .." like some memsahib. You were made to bunk office on the eclipse day, haan? wow!! Of course I know you are Becky-incarnate. You buy books and clothes mostly, na?

Bhargavi said...

Sampige.. Yeah, amma was super surprised that I didn't say anything.I am usually the type that will ask a million questions if someone tells me to do some thing. lol at the Patel pic of the son .. I went thru a Patel phase too for a few trips after I got my DSLR and the hubby got so sick and tired of me getting just FB-type profile pics of myself all the time ..Thankfully, I outgrew that phase sometime back.. Curtain shopping is done .. but a lot of other stuff is still pending i have good times ahead :-) I have never been to a Blore-mysore exhibition actually.. oorgai-sampling sound like super fun!! I am already drooooollliiiing... ha ha.. even I am wondering about your mom's objection for the oorgais.. Sugarcane juice is actually a lil dicey... I used to drink them outside till i saw a lizard going in and out of the machine one time .. and I haven't had sugarcane juice ever since.Will party on (!!!!)Whats happening in that part of the world? Christmassy stuff? You must blog, i say.

Purvi said...

Congratulations on your 200th post :)
I simply love to shop for anything and everything... i am
a hoarder :)

Shalini said...

200 posts is a nice milestone to cross! Congrats! And hope the move went well.

Sampige said...

No No, I would get ALL of us in our patel photo. Son thinks I am nuts. I luuuuuuve my patel pics. My FB is quite boring. Periya namam on it, nothing else. I used to put up a new profile picture everyday of something or the other and also of me. But got bored.
OH THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the )(*(*&*&^*&^(*(&* detailed description of sugarcanejuiced lizard. I hope you know that I will think of you every SINGLE time I down sugar cane juice from now. Grrrrrrrrr....... Sorry Baby, that was not for you, that was for your MUMMY!!!!! Now for My3 attai please give your MUMMY a few more soccer kicks. Thanks kutty.

Bhargavi said...

Purvi..thanks! Welcome here.. nice to meet another fellow-hoarder ;-)

Shalini..Thanks..Went very well..

Sampige..aiyoo.. you and the lil one are ganging up against me now ,huh? Let me make it up to you and fedex you a glass of "sugarcane juice" Lizardless ,of course ;-)
My FB is beyond boring- I don't even go there ,unless I have some personal message to reply to.

PeeVee™ said...

Those are the local ones that come up around, you know, with the North Indian handicrafts and all? If you ever come down to CBE, I'll take you exhibition-trotting:)

And no, no framing, too expensive for a student:D I just collect them, my HDD has a folder, full of them.

Rahul Bhatia said...

Congratulations for the double ton!Liked your post..

Bhargavi said...

Peevee..Oh cool.. Will definitely take you up on the exhibition offer if i come down to Cbe. I lived for 2 years there when i was little.. but dont remember much except Sai baba colony and A1 chips ;-)you should share some of those pics ..

Rahul ..Thanks a ton.

Hema said...

Congrats Bhargavi.. Join the club of motherhood.. shopaholic or not, nobody will disappoint you or say no at these times.. make the best of it.. also later you wont find much time for these self indulgences.

Bhargavi said... so true.. Maybe i should take more advantage of the status.. Yeah , i can only imagine how overwhelming things will be soon that rings and magnets wont really matter ;-)