Wednesday, December 21

The geyser story..

Been a while I took digs at the chap on the blog.Here I go without further ado...

Me: The geyser's not working.How did you manage to bathe? 

The chap : Oh, that...I have my ways. 

He smiles enigmatically and I wonder how he could have managed the feat. Though its not freezing sub-zero temperatures, the water that flows out of the pipe at 6:30AM is CCOOOOOOLLLLDDDD! GRRR..

Me: Like what? You skip showering?  

Smiles at me patronizingly, like I am the biggest nit-wit on earth.

 The chap : Oh , I use the microwave. 

Me: What!!??$$$

The Chap : I heat the water in microwave. 
Now , I am mentally shuffling through my collection of microwavable containers which the chap could possibly have used and come up with nothing that is bigger than the size of a medium-sized bowl.

He finally relents and decides to show me the container her uses to heat the water.
The chap: See, this is the "cup" I use for heating the water. 

And he shows me the extra-small mug I use for heating milk, normally. Apparently, he uses 4-5 cups of microwave water and that makes the tap water warm. Of all the other options available to heat water(like a gas stove) trust him to use this one! Why does he use it - because everything else is too much work ! Or maybe milky smelling water makes him feel like Cleopatra.

Needless to say, I fell off my chair laughing.

Husbands are priceless when it comes to household chores, I say.



Smita said...


Men!!!! or rather Husbands!

Uma said...

hahahahahaha....oh..rofl... husbands to come up with such ingenuity!
I can sooo relate to!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! that was hilarious! Husbands do bring such laughter in our lives dont they?? :D

Bhargavi said...

Smita,Uma and Deeps- ;-)

Violet said...

lol I agree, trust them to come up with wierd things to save work.

PeeVee™ said...

LOL :D How many cups will he actually need to fill before he can get enough warm water for a full-fledged bath.

But I'm not surprised. My uncle 'boiled' his potatoes by dipping them in hot water and then complained that Canadian potatoes are not good because they don't soften when 'boiled' :D

Disha said...

hahaaaaaa...that served as a much needed early morning laugh!! I'll give him credit though, microwave as a water heater did not even strike me as an option!!

Bhargavi said...

Violet .. You bet.Best work-shirkers God ever made !

Peevee.. ha ha! Thats a thought I am not even going to venture into! sounds like some CAT question ;-).. lol at the potato story .. men!

Disha.. Glad that the chap's antics provided some comic relief. Precisely, I was so stunned that he could think of the microwave as a water heater..this is lateral thinking on a different level ;-)

Jyoti said...

very funny..!

Suko said...


Purvi said...

Men will be men :)

Bhargavi said...

Jyoti,Suko..:-); Purvi- you bet!

Sampige said...

Why you laughing??? Why this kolaveri di???? He is busy doing his work and not asking you. You young people have NO clue how to thank your lucky stars. Be happy. Hmmm does he have Cleopatra skin now? Heck, I may even be tempted to try it out in that case ;).
Best wishes and eat well

Dhanya said...

ANYTHING to escape quickly from the usual work -- a guy's motto ;)

A said...


(PS:- Sorry slow on blogs for a reason)

Bhargavi said...

my3.. Total kolaveri mood vonly ;-)

Dhanya.. yeah ! Good to see you here after a long time.

A.. no sweat !