Sunday, December 4

Mirror,mirror on the wall..who stares back at you?

This morning when I looked in the mirror, I was shocked. An unknown face stared back at me: the chin has sprouted a beard like the wicked witch of the east ; eyes have become close-set like some ET-clone; the ears have elongated , and are incidentally sticking out of my hair; the face has become more tapered and wicked witch-ish ; extra legs have popped and groan… a tail has magically attached itself to... Meehhhh..

Mehhhh…Yeah, I’ve somehow magically transformed into a goat. 

Suspected cause: The grass my dietician has gracefully allowed me to graze on. If I am found missing from this space and not visiting your blogs like a bad girl.. ahem..goat, you can safely assume that I am off to find a new pasture of grass.. Bye ,bye.. Mehhhh , you guys.

Edit : I am becoming the goddess of mis-communication..Several of my posts have been tangential,to say the least.Lets just say that my sense of humour has gone to the dogs. Well, obviously I haven't become a goat  or have metamorphosed physically , but have been made to eat things that goats normally enjoy.. officially, I am going to go slow on sarcasm.. Anyway , I don't have internet connection 24X7 and am swamped with hospital visits (thanks to some more complications health-wise), prenatal classes, preparing my diabetic meals, shifting, helping with my baby-shower arrangements, shopping for the house and writing assignments, I am drained at the end of the day (translated to no time to blog-hop). I hope the madness eases off soon. Well, a diet of veggies and low-fat stuff doesn't leave one chirpy at the end of the day too, does it ?  Oh, btw.. If you are in Chennai, Matsya and a whole load of designers  and handmade product brands are exhibiting their work on the 9th and 10th of this month in Royepettah.. I know I'll be there :-)


Uma said...

pregnancy can take various forms, dear..ahem..happy grazing..:-)
btw, did you take the vendudhal?

Casey Freeland said...

I was really with you until you said tail. Now I only partially suspect that you are joking. :D



Bikramjit said...

right all the best in the adventure :) and dont forget to come back


A said...

Stay in touch.......pleaseeeeeeeee

vimmuuu said...

With those Meeehhh, you sound more like SRK !!

Bhargavi said...

uma.. Vendudal seems to have worked.. no more rains .. yay!

Casey.. Thank goodness i mentioned the tail !

Bikram, A... yeah, SOON!

Vimmu.. Ada poda :-)

Smita said...

Err! No delicious stuff?


Take care :)

Sampige said...

Oh you poor thing. On the other hand, imagine the kid will grow up loving grass and other stuff I have seen people chomping on. Two thumbs up. Sneaky and smart girl.


Bhargavi said...

smita.. :-(
My3.. aiyoo .. what life it is with just ghas-phus?