Thursday, December 8

The post where I cant think of an appropriate title..

Yeah, Yeah..I did a drama-queen number and said I was swamped and stuff. That I am. But  I am saddled with a bad bout of insomnia and was missing writing here ..Hell yeah, I am back to blogging addiction, i think :-) So had to post.
The chap and I are normally extremely impulsive people.We'll just take off at 10:00 pm just like that and go see any filth that is on at the  theaters. Needless to say , we are maniac movie-watchers. Though I am not too much into oscar-type movies (give me a Govinda flick anyday) , I don't really mind sleeping through a movie that the chap is excited about watching. I used to be one of those obsessive  foreign-language movie watchers in college.Sometimes we've watched 3rd grade horror flicks  back-to-back  into the wee hours of the morning with our weekend movie-marathon gang  just for the heck of it. But everything came to a standstill seven months back when we found that strange new things were going to happen to us. We suddenly found ourselves becoming something we weren't before: we found ourselves becoming responsible and boring. And thats a scary feeling .I secretly miss the times I could drink myself silly without worrying about anything.

I tried watching Trainspotting a few weeks back , only to find myself extremely nauseated and depressed  fifteen minutes into the movie. I know I would have enjoyed seeing something like this before - I like edgy, crazy movies. Used to, rather. And now, all I can stomach is mush and animated movies. Sigh! I've been craving  Irish cream liquer and  raspberry vodka for the last few days. I know I am not supposed to crave such things,  but then one can't really control such things , can they ? I was so grouchy and pissed off with the world  in general the other day when the sibling, the chap and assorted cousins decided to polish off a scotch bottle. I had to contend myself with a tall glass of milk and keep peeping in on the  drunkards on  the sly because I felt so bummed that I couldn't  join in. And I am not even a scotch drinker!

I've heard mommy-friends crib about how sexless (as in unfeminine) they feel in the first few years of their mommy-hood and  have wondered how this was possible. How could one stop feeling feminine or stop caring about the mismatched set of clothes one was wearing , I would often wonder. Now I know what they mean and the fun has not even started...Though I don't slather greasepaint all over my face before I head out normally , I count myself as one of those people who puts in some effort to look presentable. Its been a while since I made an effort to doll up and am  found in frumpy, behenji-type clothes most of the times.

I miss the old me and want her back !!!!
But then I feel like this every few years and am forever anxious to move into the next phase of life. Once I get into the new phase, I start missing the old one .Yeah, yeah - Grass is greener on the other side and all that jazz. Now that I am on the cusp of entering into another phase (which I've been looking forward to for the longest time) , I want to go back to  the old, irresponsible me. I  distinctly remember feeling like this before I got married and was about to lose my single status. Though secretly (sometimes) I  miss being single , I am happy that I am no longer in the dating-vating game. I am relieved that I don't have to make one more  inane conversation  or flirt  desperately in a bid to find  the "one". Oh , the joys of being married .Compounded many-fold when you get married to your best friend. You know the hubby will always be there for you and not wrinkle his nose if you decide to remain the most un-groomed person on earth.

When I was working full-time I constantly cribbed about work and how I wanted to quit, discover myself, travel the world and do arty-farty things. Now that I have all the time in the world,  and am doing some arty-farty things , I seriously want to get emotionally abused by a sadistic boss ,who would dump me with more mind-numbing work that I could ever imagine. Strange how I always want things that I no longer have ! You've felt like this before?
Ok enough serious stuff... 

I saw a movie in a theatre after ages...Tintin. Realized just how much I missed the chomping-on-popcorn-peering-at-the-screen routine. I go to a theatre for the experience and not just the movie. As voyeuristic as this might sound, I am a people-watcher and theatres are fertile ground for eavesdropping on conversations and generally having a good time at the cost of others. Yeah, judge me :-) 
Anyway, I thought the movie was super fun and has been animated very well. What else to expect from the Spielberg stable?  I don’t think I was ever a major fan of the Tintin comics while growing up, but this movie has been made really well and kept me engrossed (till fatigue took over and I dozed off 15 minutes before the movie got over). Darn!  What I loved about the way the movie has been made is the attention to small details – like the near-perfect reflections on mirrors and things like that . The humour element (in the form of Haddock and the Thomson duo) made sure that there were chuckles throughout the movie. Cute! Go watch it if you already haven't.

I would have preferred to watch the movie without the 3-D effect, though . I don’t know if its just us or other people find the 3-D viewing experience a little duh! My eyes started watering after a while and I had to keep slipping my 3-D glasses off , only to see frames of a Tintin-like person running across the screen. I seriously hope that the movie makers don’t take this 3-D trend so seriously and make normal animated movies too. Every second movie being released these days in in 3-D. I don’t care if I can’t feel the water splash on my face or feel the adrenaline rush of the protagonist being followed, I want to see a movie without a freaking headache. Is that too much to ask for? You like 3-D movies? Tell, tell…


Jane Doe said...

Oh me too not a fan of 3D movies. I would've enjoyed Tintin more if only I saw in 2D. not to forget the number of times the 3D glass slips from nose due to its oversize. Hmph!

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I know how it felt drinking milk while others guzzled their beers the whole of this year! It's still on, he abstinence, so all the best :(
Oh, and I dislike 3d movies too, mainly cos the glasses gimme a headache!

Spaceman Spiff said...

Can you imagine, when I went to watch Tintin, I didn't know it was 3D, so didn't bother to wear my lenses, so I had to wear the 3D glasses over my regular glasses. I'm sure your experience wouldn't have been worse. :/
But the movie was fun. Like you, even I'm not a fan of the comics, but loved the movie. :)
And don't worry, babes. Everybody goes through the grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side thing. I'm going through it too. So if it helps, here's a hug. :)
TC. Keep the spirits up, or the baby will kick away to glory. :)

Smita said...

Hmmm the old story of missing what is not there and hating what you have :) Pregnancy does alarming things to our hormones ;-)

I have never liked ANimated films, 3D to aur aage badhke hai...Remember watching Avatar in 3D and hated the specs

Jyoti said...

I loved watching Tintin! I don't really dislike 3D.. Have seen quite many of them..

You are not the only one who is feeling the grass on the other side is greener.. Same pinch!

Bikramjit said...

I am a fan of 3d and now 4D is coming saw Happy feet where it actually sprinkled water and had bubbles in air and the chairs moving along
it was a lovely experience ..

i loved tintin :)

Bhargavi said...

Jane.. Yours was too big .. mine was too small for me and kept digging into the bridge of my nose ..

Forever.. Another year of abstinence :-(.. Someone should design glasses that don't give a headache.

Spiff..Oh, you poor thing.. I have negligible power and don't wear my glasses and i found it difficult.. I can only imagine what you must have gone through.Even i didnt know it was 3-D before. lol baby kicks away irrespective what I feel .. hugs back to you for braving your grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side phase..

Bhargavi said...

Smita.. I dont think I hate what I have..I cant be more thrilled about this baby.. I am just missing a part of me that is going to be irrecoverable.And i have to totally agree with the hormones thingie :-).. kya, you dont like animated movies? seriously?

Jyoti..I think we should all start a grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side club :-) .. hope you feel better soon too.. good for you that you like 3-d !

Bikram.. I saw a 4-D 20 minute movie once at some amusement park..Wasn't too thrilled at the sprinkling of water and all..If someone solved the eye strain problem , it would be more exciting for people like me ..I wonder how long it will take for 4D to hit India..

Sampige said...

Enjoy all the various stages of life. I know it is easier said than done. Think of whiny teenagers who complain they are not allowed to do certain things and you will immediately roll your eyes. This baby will soon be running around and you will be saying, Oh I do wish he/she is back in the tummy so I can do what I want.
Now for the important part of your post: movies. ONLY Avataar was worth the extra money for the stoopid glasses. I refuse to shell out that kind of money. I saw Hugo with a friend and we both said, yup better to spend that money on popcorn. Eat all that now. The older you get, the more you have to think if there is too much salt, too much trifatty something or other crap. Go Go Go girl.
Stay strong. And go ahead and smell the empty bottles and glasses and be happy ;)
Best wishes

Suko said...

I'm HUGE movie fan! 3D is fine, but so are regular films. I love to go to the theater, but I also like watching them at home. Movies feed my head. Books do, too, but in a different way.

Hang in there, and keep recording your thoughts. Enjoy this special time as much as you can. Don't worry, the time will pass quickly and many of your freedoms will return.

A said...

Title suggestion:- 3D movie cause insomnia...:)))

I cannot stand 3D movies.

Bhargavi said...

Sampige.. the crazy part is that I know I sound like "that" whiney teenager.. but i guess some things are difficult to let go off :-). Totally agree about Avatar - it was worth all the eye strain! Thankfully movies are not that expensive in India yet.. otherwise going by the number of movies we see , we'll have to beg ,borrow or steal tickets :-)
lol at smelling empty bottles.. Thanks so much for the sweet words.. you are a ROCKSTAR!

Suko.. Thanks so much for the lovely words.. Already time is flying (when i don't want it to;-))I guess I am more a book person than a movie person.. but then some stories (books) are so much more fun on screen..

A.. That bad?!!

Purvi said...

Grass is always greener in the past :) :)
and somehow I think I have got so used to watching the 3D films that I no longer see the difference between 2D and 3D:)... also me and my husband are crazy movie watchers, we watch almost anything and everything and sometimes 2 movies back to back in the theatre :)

Bhargavi said...

Purvi.. ha ha .. very true. Maybe once I watch more 3D ,I'll get used to it too ..

Hema said...

Oh that was a good post bhargavi.. i too find myself in such a plight ever so often.. when I was single, I wanted to marry to be and feel the love (love marriage! let hell break loose). When I married, I didnt want the constant announcings and permissions.. i wanted impulse.. later after kids, life has become totally different.. the "if only" thought comes quite so often.. so you are not alone..

Bhargavi said...

Hema.. Thanks for dropping by.. If only these "if onlys" dont keep popping up so often in my case, it would be so perfect.