Friday, May 20

Doors .. Part 1

14.5 X10.5 Watercolor on Fabriano 300 gsm paper.

Reference photo -door 212 by aunt Owee,which is a creative commons image. Thanks,Owee. I've tweaked the photo a bit . I had loads of fun painting this one and am happy with the way it turned out,which is not often.My photo of the painting somehow doesn't capture the vibrancy of the red colour ,so I guess I need to work on taking better photos.Till then,I have to make do with pics taken by others. I am looking for pictures of doors, bells,landscapes,flowers, people and windows(make than any interesting subject ;-)) to paint from. If you have a photo you can spare, I would love to paint from it. Of course,you will be credited for your photo..Thanks!. More doors to follow soon..

Wednesday, May 18

My book blog..Detour

I've started a new blog ,only for bookreviews and writing related stuff..finally. Old bookreviews will be gradually shifted to the new blog ,, there are no new reviews there now, but I plan to post the review of Haruki Murakami's Blind Willow,Sleeping Women as soon as i finish the book. Bedazzledeternally will continue to chronicle my art journey.It would have simply been more practical to create an art blog and let this one be my book blog,but I guess I muddled things up ;-). Talk of confused positioning..I am attending a studio pottery course from Saturday , so will post loads of pics here.. Wish there were more hours in a day to do all the things I want to do .. sigh!

Anyway, do update your blogrolls and hopefully I'll see you at my bookblog soon..

Tuesday, May 17

Family outing - Watercolour and Pen

Family outing 15 1/2 X 113/4 outer border. 14 1/2 X 11 painting size. Reference photo was taken by me in 2009 in ?Besant Nagar beach ,Chennai. Loved painting this one ,especially painting the toy seller's wares.

Tuesday, May 10

Day 13- Belated mother's day tribute

Acrylic on canvas 8X 10. Something I did a long time ago when i started painting ,it somehow seems appropriate to club under the Indian summer series.I don't like the execution(especially the use of pen and the proportion of limbs of the mother) ,but this painting brings up pleasant memories of my childhood and that's why it didn't get recycled into something else. A feature of my summer hols was the "oiling of hair" ritual by my mother or grandma. It is supposed to be one of the best ways to beat the heat.

Monday, May 9

Day 12- Towering

My experiments with watercolor continue. I think it's by far the most difficult medium to work with.I couldn't get the tones and color intensity right. I also thought that the composition is too cluttered. What looked good on the original pic ,didn't work in the painting. The reference pic i used was taken by me in 2010 near The Grand Canyon.It's official that I have a "thing" for towers..

Saturday, May 7

Day 11 - Watermelon burst


Not been able to paint in the last few days because of some work .Posting some old stuff.This is a 8X 10 acrylic on canvas painting I did as a part of the Indian summer series(The first one was the Sunflower girl).

Friday, May 6

Day 10 - Hornbill

Batik painting on cloth stretched on wood. Done in 2009.

Wednesday, May 4

From my sketchbook- Day 8

The models for my sketching practice are often from random glossy magazines.This lady was advertising some soap.Her eyes spoke a million words and I had to draw her. I have left the shading to minimum as i didn't want to take away from the softness of her face.

Tuesday, May 3

Day 7 - Before and After

I often overpaint and that's not a good thing.It takes away from the spontaneity of the painting. Case in point is this one-



I think the second one looks more labored because of the number of coats of paints I applied till i got the dress to be "okay". But the thing with acrylic is that it's forgiving and not nearly as brutal as watercolour,which is a saving grace in a way. Also,I have noticed that I have a fascination for ocean and anything related to beaches and water.Did i forget the towers ?. Wonder what that says about my subconscious thoughts !.

Staring into the ocean.Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 18X14 in.


Monday, May 2

Day 6 - Mahabalaipuram Tower

Watercolour on Fabriano paper . 9.5 X 9.5 in.

Sunday, May 1

Day 5 - Fishes

Batik painting on cloth stretched on wood.