Thursday, June 9

From my sketchbook- Lehanga

Been sometime since i posted sketches. This quick sketch was done based on a reference photo from a Lehenga ad on some magazine. Size A4

Tuesday, June 7

Studio pottery workshop -Part I

A week ago ,I went for a studio pottery workshop in Dakshina Chitra, a foundation for preserving and encouraging arts and crafts in India. Needless to say,I had loads of fun getting my hands dirty with clay. There is something primitively fulfilling about playing with clay and mud. I had always assumed that it would be easier to use the potter's wheel rather than mold things with the hand.I was proved wrong and all our pots ended up like leaning towers.

Some of our misshapen wares.. The flowerpot in the foreground was made with the help of our instructor(hence looks good ;-)).Pic 2 is of the wheel.Nowadays,it is mechanized and runs on a motor.Back in the olden days,it was done with a manual wheel which had to be rotated by another person. The third pic is of one of the horses we made during the workshop. I am having some problem with Blogger ,so am not able to post more pics.Will post the next installment with more pics soon.

Monday, June 6

Thursday, June 2

Book reviews posted..

I have started posting new reviews on my other blog.

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