Wednesday, July 27

Hey guys..

Its been more than a month since I posted anything here. How have you all been ?. I know I haven't been visiting your blogs for some time. The untimely demise of my laptop(RIP,dear baby) was also one reason I was MIA online .Whatever blogging I did was from the mobile and on other people's computers. I'll catch up with your blogs in a few days.I have not been able to paint anything because of health and personal reasons. I miss holding a paint brush in my hand and letting go. A few more months and I should probably be able to get back to painting with acrylics.

Meanwhile, this is a blessing in disguise as my book review blog has been seeing some action. Do drop by there if you want to know what books I've been reading lately. I might be posting irregularly or write random non-art related posts here till I have something to post.

And what a shame Amy Winehouse's untimely demise is!. Such a waste of such a talented singer. Let me leave you with one of my favorite live version of her famous black to back song.

May you finally find peace,Amy.

edit: I seem to have forgotten how to load a video on to blogger and am stuck with the blog showing just the link and not adding the video.Helpful pointers much appreciated. :-)