Friday, August 12

Georgia O' Keefe's magic and a milestone..

I completed 3 years of blogging last month sometime. I started this blog just as I was getting ready to quit my job and in phases blogging has been cathartic and fun. Anyway, back to the what this post is all about.. I first discovered Georgia O'Keefe's paintings when i saw a biopic about her on TV and was intrigued by her story . She has influenced the art scene in a way that is mind boggling and this was a time when things were totally dominated by men.She is considered as one of the great American masters.

O' Keefe's passionate, tumultuous relationship with photographer Alfred Stieglitz was instrumental in her creating some landmark art. Her paintings were abstract and though trained formally in art, she initially lost the interest in creating paintings and is said to have hated the smell of turpentine at some point. Finally, with the help of Stieglitz, she went on to create master pieces.

In the early 70's ,she was the originator of female iconography in things as simple as flowers and skulls.Though I am not a great fan off abstracts, but her pieces touch an emotional chord in me. Vibrant sometimes, muted and understated at times, unexpectedly bizarre at other times,her paintings are just complex and beautiful to look at.

Here are some of my favourite O'Keefe pieces...

This one is so delicate and pretty..


Another one...

A lot of her paintings have Freudian interpretations and are often said to depict the female anatomy.

Now, a picture of the great Master..

She passed away in 1986 leaving behind a great body of work that we are currently enjoying...

Sunday, August 7

Its back ...

Remember sometime ago,I wrote about the movement to bring BQC (Bournvita Quiz contest) back??.If you don't remember ,you can read about it here. Thanks to efforts of many thousands of fans and enterprising people, its going to be back again. The movement has roped in Colors TV as a broadcast partner . Soon, BQC should be back as one of India's favorite Sunday morning pastime.

In fact Derek has even agreed to feature questions from the Bring BQC Back community on facebook. All one has to do is post a video of them asking a question and share it at MAIN BHI QUIZMASTER ( The one with the whackiest question will be hand-picked by Derek to ask a question on the show.

If you haven't joined the Bring BQC back FB community,you can always do so now :-).Here's the link. Let the good times begin!