Thursday, January 5

How you doin?

Hola, peeepals. New year parties all over ? Hangovers finally banished? Apppy New year to all..The chap and I had the most "happening" New Year celebrations in the history of our lives. We graduated to "that middle aged couple that hangs out at boring apartment parties where kids dance to Chammak Challo and Gasolina , with their parent's chests bursting out with pride and screaming- that's my kid on  the stage!". Yeah, we cheered random kids that won painting competitions and suchlike and wondered aloud if this is what life reduces us all to...finally. Holly,molly.. before we know, we'll be attending dance rehearsals and fraternizing with other middle aged people.And discussing schools and educational system in India and nappy rashes and nipple creams and pooping behavior of babies.Gosh! And how did we bring in the New year, you ask .. Well, we promptly fell asleep by 11:00pm , after deciding that a New year was no big deal.Comes every year, right? Gosh! again. Does this what impending parent-hood reduces people to ?

Anyway, the lil one's been creating enough drama for the past 3-4 days, that one hasn't really had the time to dwell on the implications of becoming "that embarrassing middle-aged couple" or blog hop (sooooryyy!).It looked like the baby was in a hurry to get out and join us for the Pongal and Republic day celebrations, until we coaxed it into remaining indoors for a few more months.Well, I am on medication to prevent pre-term labour and after a few days of insane contractions and cramping things are back to normal.Or so we hope. I am now on a "strict rest" regimen for the next one week, and needless to say its doing wonders to the already grouchy self. How much can one sleep in a day, I ask? So much to do before baby comes and I am forced to watch the speed of my walk! Bah! Maybe,its time i get back to the manuscript that has been languishing in my laptop for the last 2 years. I have managed to write a "colossal" 12,000 words in the last 2 years and have edited it almost 25 times.I realise that can't claim a "writer's block" ad-infinitum.Time to bid adieu to the lazy me and start writing again. I also realised that it is insane to keep waiting for my first two books to come out and then start writing.75,000 words to go..Here I come, biatch!

Along with all this drama, I got to learn that I might not be diabetic after all and that the glucose tolerance test results that implicated me as a shameful sugar-maniac was a sham all along. My doc is now urging me to eat like a normal person, because I have just gained a paltry 4 kilos in the last 8 months.So,I am hogging  full -throttle to make sure that the baby gets more fat and is not some skinny little thing like what the mom used to be once upon a time.The worst part of this development is that I am  now nauseated at the thought of sweets. After I had stuffed my face with some sweet mom had made I felt so sick that I swore that I would never eat  anything sweet ever in my life. Just a week ago I was craving Kesari and rava ladoo and donuts and pastries and whatnot.Now, all i want is my salads and healthy stuff. Crazy, I say!

Books-wise I am saddled with the most boring book in the history of mankind ( The nanny returns) and am wondering why some books become such big hits despite being so difficult to finish ,whereas other good ones sink into oblivion.I am officially off chick-lits as of now and can't stand another book with a pink cover.I did finish reading a good book a few days back (Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert).The feminist in me had a field day reading this book on marriage.A full-fledged post coming up soon on my thoughts on the interesting things the book broaches.

Umm.. what else? Did i mention that I am totally in love with Dexter (from the sitcom and not the cartoon). I find the serial fascinating. A little too morbid to be watching at this juncture, but heck how can one not find a serial killer-blood splatter analyst fascinating ? And just like so many other things in my life, I discovered the sitcom so late (after 6 seasons getting over). I am done with two seasons and am hooked big time. Its a different matter that I felt horrendously embarassed when my mother walked in when Dexter's victim was parading around naked (butt show and all).To my mother's credit,she just said " Oi, look at him all nanga-panga".Needless to say I have never been this proud of my mother before. Sometimes, parents are forced to do grow up too ;-) What say?

Rambling over..Over and Out. Have a super week ahead, peepals ;-)


Abhinav said...

I have started with Dexter and saw 2 episodes of the first season I liked the narrative part in each episode.

Disha said...

hey happy new yr!! totally agree with the sleeping early on new yr, new yrs is v over rated. that said the husband doesnt agree on this and 31st ended up being tiring evening amidst 200 other people:-( love dexter too, watch games of thrones if you havent yet.its awesome and you'll be reading the book because couldn't wait for the next season

Sampige said...

YOWZA girl. Feet up and time to listen to both Ammas and various older people writing on your blog! Eat well and blah blah blah.
Trust me, I am sooooo done with that, oh-such-a -fantastic-dancer-at-age-4. Chi thoo Paddu Subramaniam is nothing compared-to-your-angel, phase of my life. Thankfully my kids don't want to go near any stage unless it nets a girlfriend.

Good time to drag out that book-to-be and get cracking on it while you have your feet up. Imagine you have all your future buyers right here! We will all get one, just because we all "attended" you poochotal, right illiya. You should leave NO stone unturned to embarrass us to buy your book. So get on it!
Best wishes, take care and eat well.


Bhargavi said...

Abhinav.. yeah, Dexter's narrative is awesome.. one reason why i like the serial. my idea of New years celebrations used to be mind-numbing noisy fun. We get the entire year to be sane, sober and rational, right ? ;-) Now, i need to get my hands on game of thrones.. Thanks!

My3.. lol! ok maami(oh, dont murder me for saying that !).. will put my feet up ;-) Its frightening how competitive some parents really are! I am just hoping I don't turn into one such parent-zilla.Of course, I am shameless and will bulldoze you into buying a book (even if it is a children 's story)

Uma said..., now you can gorge on sweets but now u dont want to..well can be like that demand-supply equation..
have a happy 2012!!

Anonymous said...

appada! good news abt! go hog happily! if not sweets, there are always ghee-dripping parathas, a full thali at Rajdhani, enjoy!

abt parents beaming at the kids performance.. sigh.. mine always do a dharna and refuse to take the stage, or decently pose for a camera.. but we can hope:)

Meera Ganesh said...

Bhargavi, there's hope yet. We had a raucous party when DD was 3 months old for New Year's. She slept through it so we woke her up to join us. We still throw raucous parties. DD's just learnt to take a nap in the afternoon and stay up until 4:00 AM. Also, in our case, it's the parents that refuse to stop hogging the stage. The kids have learnt to stop paying attention to us, when we get like this. So, for all you know, your baby will learn to bring the house down, too. Train early and train well. More happy, party savvy baby thoughts being sent your way

Bikramjit said...

hmm hello to you too and how you doing .. stupid question I know .. as you written about it all :)

you have a great 2012 .. hope the block or whatever it is never comes ..

looking forward to the book :) all the best and enjoyyyyyyyyyy all those sweets now that the results are negative ..


Bhargavi said...

Uma.. ha ha ! exactly.. like a demand and supply equation..

Vidya.. Now you got me drooling.. I haven't eaten at Rajdhani in ages ! Maybe once I am "allowed" outside,I'll go and hog. Your kids are priceless..chamathu daan :-)

Meera.. You give me hope, woman! lol at your dd ignoring you guys hogging the stage..abba! I'll have to first train the chap to get into raucous-party mood. Between the two of us, The chap seems to be the pregnant one going by the way he's sobered up. Raucous parties, here we come ;-)

Bikram..Thanks buddy.Hope you have a super 2012 too!Off to enjoy some yummy food now

Anonymous said...

'appy New Year!
Full dejavu was happening while reading the baby bit! Till you mentioned 4 kilos. Er, I put on 19. :|
Anyhoo, we did party this time , yes yes, with the 2 month old around! So I am guessing middle-age symptoms will pass fr u too!
Enjoy maadi!

Anonymous said...

Sleeping before 12 happened to me too. I guess I have rarely been awake at the dawn of New Year.
Eat well and take very good care of yourself in this beautiful phase of life.
Good luck with your book and Happy 2012 :)

Bhargavi said...

Forever.. whoa! 19kilos..I was borderline obese pre-pregnancy , so couldnt really afford to put on much weight. and wow! party-sharty with a two-month old.. I'm impressed!

Era.. Welcome here.Thank you for the lovely words.Happy new year to you too. Hope to see you here again.

Nautankey said...

now now ur living up to the nickname given perusu :P...have fun and keep us posted :)

Uma said...

Hi! hope you are doing fine..not heard from you from sometime..
a tag and an award awaits you at my hop over to see. Hope you take it up!

Bhargavi said...

nauts..Ada poda ! Thanks and keep popping here for updates..

Uma..Thanks so much for the award and all..All is well- just caught up with some stuff.. will be back to the blogs soon..This tag is pending for sometime now and I better take it up soon.

Shayari said...

Wow!! Congrats Bhargavi!! Take care :)

Happy New Year to both of you :)

Bhargavi said...

Shayari..Thanks, girl! How have you been ? Happy new year to you too!