Friday, November 23

Alien abduction..

Hee Hee.. yup.. I'm just back from Planet Mozobbiikki after a bunch of green alien thingies abducted me.. They fed me a lot of Rosgullas as a part of some crazy experiment of theirs .And now i look like a giant rosgulla myself ! Someone plsss give me tips on how to lose weight.The little beanie  is doing well and keeping me on my toes. Yeah, i know you know all about that .Too difficult to miss those facebook updates, no? I am sorry to admit that I've become one of those irritating mommies who post pics of their kiddos eating , sleeping, puking and even picking their noses in public. "Oh so cute , no? "I have even started becoming  nauseatingly overwhelmed when some 20 odd people like the pictures and  say "cute" . Yeah, i disown myself ! Perils of mommyhood?

Anyway feels strange to be in here again.. after soooooooo long. So in the spirit of  the Budweiser commercial let me say .. Wassssupppppppppp??? What have you been upto ? Have you gotten married, procreated, published books, fought with your neighbour , fallen in love or asked you boss to buzz off? Tell tell...oh, I am doing well too.. Thanks for asking :0