Tuesday, May 14

"How dare you review the superstar!"

Oh yeah, I knew this was bound to happen someday . Given the"Call spade a spade" book reviews I have written in the past , I knew I would be hounded by some zealot someday . Actually, no, I really didn't  think people took book reviews by random people that seriously.

What am I talking about ? Well.. I wrote a review about Gayathri Srikanth's The name is Rajinikanth a while ago (This is  what I had to say) . I cross - posted it to Good reads like I normally do. And.. forgot all about it. Almost a year later , I get an insanely obscene message from some random zealot fan of Rajinikanth threatening me with all kinds of crap and calling me names. My first reaction was shock, the second was outrage and third fear. The guy didn't seem to know who I was , because he had called me a "Female dog" for not not putting up my photo on Goodreads.  But I panicked , even though I needn't have. India is a democracy and lunatics cannot threaten people because what one writes offends their sensibilities.But then , that is exactly what happens here. Heavy weights have gotten into trouble because of their writing / movies. We are a nation of extremely sensitive people who'll take offense at the drop of the hat. Which is such a sad thing for a democracy. 

 I also remembered that it was possible to trace who I was , because I had chosen not to write anonymously. And I worried incessantly that the creep would stalk us and worse still , create problems for my daughter. The rude messages kept coming and I had no clue how to tackle the problem. A message to the Goodreads admin did not help either. In fit of desperation I deleted the review on Goodreads. The messages still kept coming. I had no idea how to make the guy go away.

After  a lot of thought , I finally decided I had had enough of his nonsense and sent him  a message asking him to expect a visit from the cyber police as I had reported him. And wham... the messages stopped abruptly. His profile disappeared overnight. 

Just like that .. What a coward ! 

It also made me realise the fact that I wasn't as  fearless as I thought I was.By deleting that review I had acted in a spineless way. That was when I decided that I would  never let anyone browbeat or intimidate me. No matter how influential or important that person might me. I am entitled to my opinions and I will defend my stand no matter what.  

More important realization : "If you let monkeys climb onto your head, that is exactly what they will do."   


Smita said...

Internet is full of such crooks who have nothing else to do!!! Good u scared him offf....

Next time call me also, I will spam such person :D

Bhargavi said...

He he .. I dont know where such creeps come from .. Obviously , they must have better things to do in life than creeping some poor middle-aged woman out :)

Uma said...

oh..that was a distressing experience. That was good presence of mind, pity it came after the review was deleted. Maybe you can post that review again??
And, Welcome back, Bhargavi..good to see your posts again.

Bhargavi said...

Uma .. Yup , its going right back :) .. Some crazy fan is not going to intimidate me .. Thanks, I hope I continue blogging ;-0

Ava Suri said...

Good Gosh, what a scare.

I hope it does not happen again.

Bhargavi said...

I hope so too , Ava :)