Sunday, June 2

Beanie on Dexter mode

Beanie seems to have a fascination for beheaded dolls, especially if she is the one doing the grisly act! Exhibiting Dexter-like tendencies, this girl is :)

First, these two lover birds got butchered  and went on to become the inspiration for my last post. I feel a little bad for Juliet .. but the bald pate somehow makes her blue eyes comes alive, no? Even Romeo looks sad without his eyes and eyebrows. What do you think?

Then .. Cinderella.The poor little girl..Notice the pink highlights on Cinderella's hair? Even Chinese fake Barbies are hip these days.Oh , am I forgetting that everything is Made in China? For all I know , even the originals are Made in China.

 I think I'll stop the bakwas before someone sends a hit-man to put  out of my miseries and existential musings ;-0

 RIP, dear Cinderella , Romeo and Juliet. Hapy 'yawnnnn' sunday , everyone


Kanthu said...

So paavam those bommais are. :P

Bhargavi said...

Kanthu ..He he.. RIP, bommais..