Saturday, June 22

Mothers , I say !

"Look at that girl smoking like a chimney outside our house," the mother exclaimed.

I went out to check out the chimney scenario and saw a girl gloriously smoking away. Was I surprised  or what? I 've seen women smoking in pubs and even at work places in Chennai. But never one in  a  residential area in broad daylight. I don't advocate smoking , but was thrilled  to find that women finally have decided to climb out of the closet and smoke openly.Yeah, I cheered for her for all the wrong reasons ;)

I wondered if my mother was upset that the girl was smoking outside our house or that she was smoking in the first place.

For some strange reason  I came back in and smiled at my mother.

"So you saw her?  See how audacious girls are these days!"

"Ummm.." I made a non-committal sound. I couldn't obviously tell her how pleased I was at having spotted a youngish salwar sporting girl puffing her lungs away at 4 PM.

"If you are supporting her, does it mean you smoke too? "the mother shot back when I didn't respond with the mandatory cussing of the chimney in question.

What Can I say.. Mothers !

I am dreading the day my daughter will roll her eyes and say the same thing to me :)


Uma said...

lol...I can imagine the situation!

Smita said...

hehehehe...mothers indeed :D

Kanthu said...

Reminds me of the saying, "By the time you realise that your parents were right you will have children who think you are wrong". :-)

Smoking is bad, irrespective of gender.

Soumya said...

Hahaha, I had the same incident with my mother-in-law today morning.

My reaction too was just a smile :)

Bhargavi said...

Uma, smita.. :_)

Kanthu.. ha ha.. thats a good one ! This post in not about smoking , dude ;) ..

Soumya.. ;) .. Women's lib ki jai ho!