Friday, June 7

So here's blurb of the book...

Yay! Here's the blurb that will be on the back cover of the book.. 

"Meet Sri Anuprabha, aka Anu, a twenty-nine year-old banker who is terrified of entering her thirties. She dreams of quitting her job at the bank, sporting yoga pants and traipsing around the world. Her world turns upside down when things go awry and she is faced with the prospect of spending her days watching Tamil serials. She comes up with a five-point plan for reclaiming her life back before she hits the big 30. But things are never as simple as drawing up a flowchart in real life, are they? Especially with a ghastly recession rearing its ugly head…. Anu bumbles through the corridors of domesticity and travels on a funfilled roller coaster ride in a bid to discover her passion in life. Along the way, she meets new people, experiences crazy new things and learns some hard lessons in marriage, friendship, parenting and life. The Crossover Year is a funny, yet heartwarming story of a woman in search of her identity, and a chronicle of her hilarious quest for discovering her inner mojo. Bring out a platter of cookies and a steaming mug of chai, and join Anu on the ride of her lifetime."

Here's the link to the book's page here
Here's the publisher's page  here

Stay tuned for more Anu-isms :) 


Ava Suri said...

This sounds fabulous. I have ordered Seven Across. I am sorry I took my time doing it.

I will preorder this as soon as it becomes available.


Bhargavi said...

Ava.. thats really sweet of you.. I doubt if Seven across is your cup of tea.. anyway , thanks for ordering it .. ;)

Smita said...

Sounds like my kind of book :) looking forward to read it

Bhargavi said...

Smita.. thanks , dear.. I hope you'll like it .. will send it across to you as soon as it gets printed :)