Wednesday, June 5

The big fat Indian wedding..

My cousin got hitched  couple of days back , and I am back home with an acute case of food poisoning (because of which I had to miss the Muhurtam ). But I did have enough opportunities to participate in a lot of other ceremonies filled with bling.. The bride and groom , though resplendent in their marriage finery, looked harassed and tired most of the time. I remember my own wedding bleakly (yeah , it happened so many years ago!) , and wonder why our weddings have to be so jam-packed with rituals and people jostling against each other to make sure that they are the 'best dressed' in the mandap. I love the colours of our weddings (here I am generalizing a bit , but I have a feeling that most Indian weddings are colourful and noisy and crowded and full of character), but I also advocate the bride and groom getting some rest in between the rituals. 

I remember going through the three days of my marriage wondering when I would get two minutes to myself ,or when someone would stop pulling my hair to see if it was real or was an  extension  , or  when someone else advising me on bridal make-up. I just wanted people to stop asking me questions about my honeymoon (which I am sure they were asking to make conversation) , so that I could stop blushing. And then the thing about food - no matter what you have on the menu there will be a bunch of 'discerning connoisseurs ' who will have something negative to say about the caterer you have arranged. 'Why not this? ' , 'The sambhar had no salt . I couldn't eat it' and so forth. And no matter how well the Bride and groom's side know each other before the wedding , there will always be complaints flowing back and forth. 'They didn't do this or that .'It is just one endless stream of bickering and an exercise in hurling accusations and counter-accusations at each other.  I am just wondering if this is a typical Indian tendancy , or if other people of other nationalities also find this in their weddings.  

Then there is the brigade that will shop more than the bride herself , and make sure that they monopolize the photographer during the Reception .And then , there are the ageing aunties who swish their newly straightened hair to show off their back-less cholis hoping that someone would notice their waxed backs. Did I mention the ladies who mill about brandishing horoscopes of girls and boys. Its amazing how many marriages actually get fixed at weddings. We spend lakhs and lakhs of Rupees on weddings  for what ? For 48 hours of video coverage, couple of albums filled with pics.. and a cart load of gossiping people. 

I guess , despite my cribs , I can't imagine a sanitised Register marriage with just a bunch of close relatives and friends. That would be just boring , right ?   

No wonder they say that in Indian one of the the best businesses to be in is the Marriage business. What say?

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Kanthu said...

The Indian weddings. Irritable as hell but fun nonetheless. Enough said. :-)