Wednesday, December 18

Otee's copies have arrived...

It feels awesome when someone whose opinion you value tells you that that he/she is excited to read the book. I am waiting with bated breath for The crossover year's first review .. Then Otee mails in saying his book has reached him and that it feels like First day first show .. and I am thinking that's exactly how I am feeling now.. Thanks a tonne for being such a sweet person, Otee .. Hope you like the book. Here are the pics he sent me


2 copies are up for grabs on Goodreads.. Do check it out (link in the sidebar). 

You can visit the book's page for updates on the book. 
Happpyyy.. happy ... happy!  


PeeV ee said...

COngratulations!! :)
And good luck <3

Bhargavi said...

Thanks Pee Vee ..